Scientific Analytics : Scientific Platform Development

Develop pragmatic scientific plans.

The phamax scientific platform communicates one vision for goals across multiple channels and stakeholders. phamax is a recognized leader in scientific communication platforms. Our teams have presented original research, given invited presentations and conducted workshops at various scientific meetings.
The phamax team is extensively experienced in developing scientific platforms for almost any situation for starting/budding and top pharmaceutical companies.

phamax believes in the importance of thorough and thoughtful planning before deploying a scientific platform.

Our scientific platform services:

  • Engage the relevant external stakeholders and leverage the ‘loyalists and enthusiasts’ in the ecosystem
  • Identify the engagement models with various stakeholders to:
    • Address gaps and resolve issues related to unmet needs
    • Position organizations as the champions for change
    • Empower external stakeholders
  • Identify the potential scope for activities to:
    • Identify the potential opportunities/challenges (immediate and long-term)
    • Internally align for ‘quick responses’
  • Develop pragmatic action plans to realize benefits and:
    • Chalk out activity roadmaps
    • Institutionalize adherence to the activity roadmaps
  • Identify the feedback channels to:
    • Continually engage regional stakeholders
    • Provide opportunities to collaborate
  • Identify the opportunities for continued outreach to facilitate:
    • Sustained engagement with relevant stakeholders
    • Continued knowledge and experience dissemination
    • Plans to stay ahead of the competition
  • Understand the existing prescribing trends, unmet needs, and potential markets for products
  • Explore related health economic benefits
  • Continued professional development
  • Develop guidelines and management protocols/manuals
  • Enable and support decisions
  • Generate data wealth from the real world
  • Understand the target segments and geographic scopes
  • Leverage the existing resources, estimate the resources required and plan effective resource utilization
  • Sustain and implement the best protocols and guidelines in routine practice

Identify, engage and develop

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