Commercializing a new drug in the European market?

Roadmap to Europe

Let us lead your way in just 8 weeks

Commercializing a new drug in Europe involves complex processes, consumes time, requires local know-how and resources. It is vital to evaluate different commercial models before identifying the right one. phamax provides a roadmap in just 8 weeks, visualizing your way, guiding you to choose the best-fit model for successful commercialization.



From design to implementation

Situation Assessment
  • – Understand your ambitions and aspirations
  • – Review the organization structure
  • – Consider the available resources
  • – Understand the investment plan

Roadmap to Europe
  • – Product value assessment
  • – Regulatory and market access review
  • – Product potential assessment
  • – Local launch considerations
  • – Commercial model evaluation
  • – Corporate structure decision

  • – Maximize your product potential
  • – Increase profitability

The local know-how and experience to transform your aspirations to reality

phamax has top tier pharma-trained specialists with the global product launch experience to understand the pitfalls and upsides of launching products worldwide, particularly in Europe.

We have the competence to maximize your product value and profits in niche markets.

Reduce complexities

Customized Road Map in just 8 weeks

Visualize the best fit commercial model

Cost-effective and time saving solutions

Implementation support & Risk – sharing commitment

Unsure of the right strategy?

Ask the experts!