Dear Patron,

The healthcare space has evolved in the last decade, from a slow moving industry to a fast paced environment fueled by advancements both on the scientific and the commercial side.  Also, you have surely noticed as an ardent supporter of phamax that we have constantly endeavored to exceed the expectations of those changing demands.

We have persistently strived to adapt to your dynamic and novel needs since our inception in 2011 and are proud to have become your knowledgeable and trustworthy partner in the last eight years. We have progressed as your WINGMAN, a spirited ally you can rely upon in your mission to succeed.

After all these years it is time for a new look, a brand new identity of phamax with our stated reason for existence – Your Vision, Our Mission

We have revitalized our logo to symbolize our role in the success journey of our clients. The new logo focuses on the ‘X factor’, the big ‘extra’ we contribute to your success. This ‘X factor’ is our guiding principle every time we support our clients, irrespective of the magnitude of the task.

We are incredibly proud of our work and appreciate each contributing factor in our progression – our clients, the phamax team and our partners who have accompanied us in our growth and have been instrumental in making us what we are today.

Do visit our new website to have the look and feel of a fresh phamax.

We would like to hear your thoughts on our new look as we continue our journey as your wingman.

Behsad Zomorodi
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Phone: +41 – (0) 41 710 2092
Skype: behsad.zomorodi-phamax