phamax commercial analytics : Portfolio Assessment

Optimise your portfolio to commercial success

Portfolio management includes diverse challenges including capital allocation, resource optimisation and prioritisation.It is required to maximize returns from mature products by identifying the optimal resource allocation and portfolio strategy. phamax as your wingman with our extensive experience and comprehensive framework, identify the most attractive products for strategic focus and less attractive products for divestment helping you to prioritise and optimise your resources for commercial success.

Our portfolio evaluation services:

  • Unbiasedly assess the complete product portfolio in line with the overall company and franchise objectives
  • Holistically evaluate the portfolio based on the relative attractiveness of the product, company, and market
  • Clearly guide on the product-portfolio fit and optimal strategic options – invest, status quo and divest
  • Deploy our extensive experience of 50+ projects with proven commercial benefits
  • Higher RoI with lower portfolio costs, optimized investments, and increased profitability
  • A streamlined portfolio focused on the high potential products
  • Identify the opportunities from the global portfolio to strengthen the existing country portfolios
  • Higher returns from the low potential and non-strategic products via collaboration with suitable external partners

Optimise your strategy to maximize revenue

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