Procurement and legal departments struggle with a lack of affordable end-to-end support, unreliable data, and talent shortages. Introducing our new business vertical, specializing in supporting procurement and legal departments for their day-to-day operational challenges as well as strategic initiatives which include strategic sourcing, tactical buying, contract management, and legal operations, offering a comprehensive answer to these challenges.

Strategic and hands-on support

Lack of an affordable end-to-end partner? Our team consist of all levels from Managing Partner to Analyst which enables us to offer both hands-on operations support as well as strategy development and implementation of structured, streamlined and optimized processes

Powered by analytics

Lack of reliable data available? To enable fact-based and efficient decision making, our analytics team is here to support

Work with talents you can´t find locally

FTE pressure and war for talent? Our high-quality offshore interim staffing solutions typically offer labor arbitrage of a minimum of 50%

Our Expertise

End to end Procurement Support

We help develop and implement supplier relationship management frameworks and category playbooks, We can also help run your source-to-contract processes across most categories, including but not limited to Professional Services, Marketing, IT, Travel & Events, Operations, and R&D.
  • Procurement vision and strategy development
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) framework development and implementation
  • Category Management framework development and implementation
  • RFP / Source to Contract management
  • Experts in indirect spend, including but not limited to Professional Services, Marketing, IT, Travel & Events, Operations and R&D
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Legal Operations Support

Our team can support by conducting in-depth preferred vendor list reviews, renegotiating and implementing alternative fee models with selected law firms as well as provide ongoing legal operations- and contract management support.
  • Law firm review
  • Legal operations management
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Contract management support
  • Lawyer on the go
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Interim Staffing 

We find the talents you need that you can´t find locally and guarantee realized labor arbitrage through our high quality offshore support model.

  • We find the talents you need that you can´t find locally
  • Realized labor arbitrage through high quality offshore support model

Powered by Analytics

Everything we do is backed up by facts and numbers, our business insights can help optimize return on investment, prioritize efforts to implement more long-term category strategies, and drive economies of scale.


  • Procurement strategy development with a clear link to business strategy
  • More robust category management, powered by analytics
  • Enhanced supplier relationship management
  • Optimized legal operations and contract management processes
  • Minimized legal risk, reduced supplier dependency, cost savings, increased quality and improved service levels