Personalization is the norm of the day with individuals expecting more of tailor-made services and solutions. Healthcare is an important sector requiring individualization. The advancement in technology is revolutionizing the healthcare sector with an increased focus on personalized healthcare (PHC).

PHC links an individual’s genotype and phenotype, and assimilates them with the environmental influences, thus providing precise options for disease management. The amalgamation of disease knowledge, patient data and analytics can ‘personalize’ medicine, and modify medicines based on the individual rather than whole population.

The PHC scenario in Switzerland

Switzerland is a front runner in the personalization of healthcare. Personalized health was included as a line item for the 2017-2020 federal budget in Switzerland. Good quality of healthcare, a strong base of research and the literacy level of the population are some factors favouring the successful integration of PHC into the mainstream.

The Swiss government has robust and dynamic plans to incorporate PHC into the system. An in-depth secondary research revealed impressive findings on the same.

Leverage the untapped opportunity

Switzerland has made great strides to match pace with the changing times. The country is now concentrating on precision medicine and encouraging research on PHC, thus showing a strong inclination towards updating itself on the current technologies.

It is time for other countries to enter the fray, collaborate and standardize treatment for individuals for the overall betterment of the human race.

Dr. Varun N
Scientific Advisor

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