Scientific Analytics : Patient Chart Review

Transform complex patient data into sensible information.

The phamax real-world evidence solutions empower the RWE strategies of companies with a deeper understanding of therapeutic landscapes and market-shaping dynamics. The phamax patient chart review services give pharmaceutical companies advanced inputs on the existing standards of care, healthcare resource utilization and patient-reported outcomes.

The phamax RWE team provides supporting evidence for a broad range of therapeutic areas. The phamax chart review services are widely applied in many healthcare-based disciplines such as epidemiology, quality assessment, professional education and residency training, inpatient care and clinical research.

Our patient chart review services use:

  • Subject matter experts to deliver unique, intelligent RWE strategies to increase clinical research efficiencies
  • In-house statistical teams to enhance value stories and provide compelling evidence
  • Rich in-house capabilities to review and understand product and disease dynamics
  • Transform complex transactional data into information on drug utilization, prescribing trends, cost-of-care trends and health outcomes
  • Determine market niches, product use dynamics and untapped marketing opportunities
  • Gain real-time information to:
    • Identify gaps in care
    • Stratify patient risks
    • Engage stakeholders
    • Create physician-patient interfaces
    • Manage supply chains
    • Extract hidden evidence
  • Gain valuable information for direct subsequent prospective studies

Valuable patient insights for better health outcomes.

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