phamax commercial analytics : Market/ Therapy Area Assessment

Identify key market dynamics to shape product future

phamax offers a 360⁰ view of the competitor landscape with clinical, commercial and market access evaluations including, but not limited to, market drivers, existing and future therapies, unmet needs, disease burdens, and product potential. The phamax framework integrates clinical and commercial outputs to provide an in-depth understanding of market opportunities.

Structured approach to understand and define the market opportunities as per needs:

  • The analysis of clinical factors for:
  1. Disease outlooks
  2. Epidemiology trends
  3. Treatment patterns
  4. Economic burden
  • The analysis of market factors for:
  1. Market potential
  2. Key market segments
  3. Competition
  4. Pricing and reimbursement
  5. Market dynamics
  6. Customer analysis

Our in-house clinical and commercial teams collect the data from reliable sources and rapidly analyze it for market insights and our investigative approach offers complete market/product assessments and capitalizes on the future opportunities for product development

  • A clear understanding of the markets and their drivers
  • Refined R&D strategies to focus on future market needs
  • Optimized R&D investments
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • A set of action points to leverage opportunities

Reach your market potential