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Personnel across different departments and geographies are often busy with less strategic, time-consuming tasks leaving only a short window of time for the rather important work. This is especially true for lean organizations, and the wingman concept was a brainchild born out of this struggle. We clear the clutter and help you focus on the bigger picture by making your vision our mission.

Our wingmen are seniors with expertise in commercial and scientific data analysis who continuously strive to make you shine in all your tasks, be it big or small, strategic or operational. They support you as individuals or teams as per your requirements

Been there
Done that

Over the last decade, our team comprising of doctors, physicians, and analysts have worked diligently to earn the trust of our clients. The overwhelmingly positive feedback is a testament to this. Quality, dedication, and flexibility are not just mere words but the bedrock of our daily commitments.

Leadership Team

Behsad is the founder of phamax with more than two decades in pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and consulting across the US, Europe, and Asia, Behsad has a strong track record in consulting multinational clients in commercial and scientific analytics. He heads the phamax headquarters in Switzerland

Behsad Zomorodi

Founder and CEO


Anand is the co-founder of phamax. He has two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He led consulting ventures, product strategies, business planning, and global delivery teams for large pharmaceutical houses and global consulting practices in India and Switzerland before cofounding phamax. Anand manages the India office of phamax and outlines the overall strategy of the company.

Anand Patil

and Managing Partner

Jayachandra Reddy has nearly two decades of experience in marketing analytics and consulting. He worked with large and medium global pharmaceutical firms on forecasting, strategy development, business intelligence, and portfolio evaluation projects before phamax. He is a veteran in building and managing teams for FTE (Full Time Equivalent) agreements and other projects. He leads the phamax analytics and modeling team.

Jayachandra Reddy

Vice President


Our Beliefs

Client empathy

Listen keenly and interpret client emotions for the best results

Truth over harmony

Objective communication to get to the point

Systemic thinking

Always looking for the root causes and not just acting superficially

Empowering you to success through our values

Risk – free

The best way to understand our way of working is to experience it. Get a two week, risk – free trial of our services. Try us.

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