Commercial Analytics : KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Identification and Profiling

Engage with the right influencers 

phamax identifies KOLs via need assessment tools to offer customized solutions. Our robust approach identifies, prioritizes, segments and validates KOLs with in-depth secondary research. phamax combine qualitative and quantitative research as per various KOL activities – publications, congress presentations, clinical trials, guidelines, committees, editorial boards, company affiliations, regulatory bodies, associations and advocacy groups. The phamax team further profile the KOLs – demographics, memberships and roles in societies, abstracts of major publications, presentations and involvement in clinical trials.

phamax KOL services include :

  • The identification and profiling of the KOLs/KEEs and rising stars
  • Influence mapping and network analysis of the KOLs/KEEs
  • Progression analysis of the KOLs/KEEs
  • Databases in MS Excel, MS Access and CRM applications

 The phamax distinctiveness:

  • Deploy In-house physician teams for qualitative insights to identify and profile KOLs
  • Different tools and advanced analytic techniques to gather data from publications, clinical trials and conferences
  • Robust methodology to rank the KOLs/KEEs as per needs
  • Exclusive name-matching analysis to identify unique physicians
  • Map the global and local KOLs/KEEs as per their involvement in activities
  • Leverage flexible teams with rich experience in multiple therapeutic categories
  • Track activities and update the databases regularly
  • Comply with country regulations and guidelines


Reaching HCPs through social networks is on the rise. But you also need to understand the trending discussions subjects and key opinion leaders.

Check out our summary of what happened on #Twitter during the ERA-EDTA Congress last month.

  • Effective product strategies by engaging the right KOLs
  • Brand marketing and promotional activities with the KOLs
  • New product research areas
  • Phase IV outcomes research
  • Ready-to to-use KOLs data which saves time and cost

Know the influencers

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