Key Account Management

phamax reviews the existing KAM structure and analyses the account-level data for robustness/integrity to identify the gaps, provide appropriate solutions based on customer needs and develop KAM as a mind-set. We help our clients in developing the best-in- class strategy, customized account-level services, optimal KAM team structure and thereby increased ROIs.

Our KAM framework utilizes:

  • Qualitative research to design the KAM working details, local KAM principles and guidelines, KAM vision, objectives, roles and responsibilities in collaboration with the client team
  • Quantitative research to review the current account segmentation, KAM team workload and performance

We develop a prioritized list of recommendations and a corresponding action plan based on the qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Understand the account potential, current penetration levels and value proposition
  • Prioritize the list of target accounts (e.g. tier 1, 2 and 3)
  • Optimal KAM team structure
  • Individual account value chain
  • Track account performances and relative moments (e.g. on the 3x3 grid)
  • Manage the challenges effectively while implementing the KAM strategy