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A next generation service model for commercial and scientific analytics support born from experience of a decade. We fondly call it the “Wingman Support”. The idea is simple: personnel across different departments and geographies are often busy with less strategic, time consuming tasks leaving less time for the important work. This is especially true for lean organizations. The model focus on Quality, Trust and Productivity through this model.



We are committed to quality. Actually, so much that we give a quality guarantee: our work only stops when you are satisfied



For us that means: be flexible and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Create value, be dedicated, be punctual, put attention to details and most importantly: be there when it is needed most



Efficient management of resources is the key for business success. Through the wingman model you save time and ultimately money. But equally important we make you feel confident to reach further and higher

the engagement
model works

  • A very easy request and approval process to start a new project
  • A dedicated engagement manager from phamax will be your point of contact throughout the project
  • Regular communications and meetings to track progress and provide feedback, as required

Team of industry experts

Our team comprising analysts, physicians, marketing and sales professionals and tech experts combines industry experience with the learnings of over 1,500 projects done over the last 10 years. It is this know-how, paired with diligence, commitment, creativity and hard work that makes us successful.

support with
hour-based cost

Tired of black-box costing for external support? Our fees are simply based on consumed hours with no fixed costs or retainers.

You pay for what you use. Period!



  • Focus on relevant tasks and leave the time-consuming work to us
  • Access to all our commercial and scientific services
  • High-quality service and outputs
  • Simplified support when needed
  • Service on demand
  • Simple price per hour model
  • Soon access to our services with our analyst-on-the-go web-app for more convenience and time saving


Transforming business through data analytics and more

Been there done that, understand the challenges our customers face within the healthcare industry. We provide pragmatic solutions with advance commercial and scientific data analytics. Our success stories showcase those solutions in action.

Risk – free

The best way to understand our way of working is to experience it. Get a two week, risk – free trial of our services. By choosing us, we guarantee you quality and flexibility. Try us.

Let us be your WINGMAN to success