we do it

We believe that organizations need a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner, a wingman to maximize their potential and support their mission to excel.

phamax brings together strong domain knowledge and skills (analytical, scientific, commercial and technological) to empower healthcare companies to implement strategies for commercial success.

For us the HOW is more important than the WHAT.

Quality, flexibility and dedication for our clients is what we call our X-factor.

We go the extra mile to make you shine! Our proprietary technology platform Analyst-on-the-Go: delivers seamless engagement experience

We make you shine

We understand the complexities of your business and intricacies os tasks involved. We do the heavy lifting while you focus on your core business objectives.

Been there, done that

We internalize your requirements to drive excellence by adopting your challenges as our own and design customized solutions.

The help you need, the way you need it

We employ a problem-solving approach that analyses a situation, within its system and its influencers; crafting a process to achieve the business goal, thereby keeping you ahead of the curve.

Your extended support system

We drive excellence for you to attain the best results. Getting the job done on time is our paramount priority.