phamax commercial analytics : Forecasting

Quantify opportunities with advanced forecasting insights

Business planners/decision makers are required to understand the following to ensure appropriate investment allocation – to realise product ambitions.

  • Full potential of their product

  • External and internal factors that impact their product sales/growth

  • Competition and their influence

Foresee market evolutions and product opportunities with the phamax forecasting services. Plan your business better by predicting overall revenues, understanding physician preferences and comprehending relevant market trends with our robust forecast models.

The phamax suite of forecasting services is either custom built as per your needs or comes in a ready-to-use format.

Our forecasting services use:

  • Rich inhouse capabilities to review and understand disease dynamics
  • Credible sources and well-documented assumptions
  • Inhouse uptake curves developed over a decade with 80+ launches
  • A flexible approach to adapt to the account/country/region/global levels
  • Multiple statistical techniques – Regression, ARIMA, ARMA, moving averages and simulation
  • Realistic view of the market and product potential
  • Clearer view of the impacts of changing market environments
  • Flexibility to choose the right one from multiple scenarios
  • Quantify future risks
  • Investment decisions to maximize product growth prospects

Foresee the changing market dynamics and plan betterWant to know more?