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Manage your business effectively by using phamax’ BI services to:

  • Identify KPIs for your business – both Lead and Lag
  • Develop an appropriate BI system to collect, analyse and visualize the KPIs
  • Track the KPIs on a continuous basis and take appropriate corrective actions


Dashboards tailored to your needs.

phamax has extensive experience in designing, building and maintaining dashboard solutions for tailor made solutions. When it comes to data our highly flexible model adapts to your dynamic business needs and ensure you get – what you need, when you need and the way you need it.

What We Do

We transform disaggregated information on markets and competitors into actionable insights. We combine secondary and primary research to derive information as per project objectives and scope. Our team continuously tracks the key parameters, provides regular updates (monthly/quarterly/half yearly), develops key intelligence questions, and builds customized reports to meet specific requirements.


  • phamax’s structured and comprehensive CI package supports pharma companies in effective strategic, tactical and operational decisions to:
  • Track competition – who they are, what they do, how they think, where they want to be, and their strengths and weakness
  • Anticipate environmental changes, emerging threats and opportunities in time to respond strategically
  • Uncover the latest trends driving the pharmaceutical industry
  • Profile various publicly available data sources for different types of information for easy and fast access
  • Develop reports with relevant information and update these regularly
  • Summarize financial facts
  • Our framework identifies relationships among various parameters and their impact on each other for vital insights



  •  Sustained competitive advantage and growth
  • Strengths/Weaknesses of key competitor products to define market or product strategies
  • Continuous insights on opportunities and threats
  • New technologies for business models

What We Do

phamax offers a 360⁰ view of the competitor landscape with clinical, commercial and market access evaluations including, but not limited to, market drivers, existing and future therapies, unmet needs, disease burdens and product potential. The phamax framework integrates clinical and commercial outputs to provide an in-depth understanding of the market opportunities.


  • phamax offers a structured approach to understand and define the market opportunities as per needs:


  • The analysis of clinical factors for:


  • Disease outlooks
  • Epidemiology trends
  • Treatment patterns
  • Economic burden


  • The analysis of market factors for:


  • Market potential
  • Key market segments
  • Competition
  • Pricing and reimbursement
  • Market dynamics
  • Customer analysis


  • Our in-house clinical and commercial teams collect the data from reliable sources and rapidly analyse it for market insights
  • Our investigative approach offers complete market/product assessments and capitalizes on the future opportunities for product development




  • A clear understanding of the markets and their drivers
  • Refined R&D strategies to focus on future market needs
  • Optimized R&D investments
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • A set of action points to leverage opportunities


What We Do

phamax offers scientific writing services across the entire clinical research spectrum to various global pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. phamax is recognized for its expertise in publications and medical communications services to global client teams across all geographies. phamax acts as a trusted advisor and works as a wingman for clients by delivering high-quality work consistently.


Our team comprises writers with advanced degrees in medicine and other branches of life sciences. We have published various scientific publications in esteemed international journals. We have a wide range of research and clinical experience in multiple therapeutic areas, including but not limited to, cardiovascular, medical devices, endocrinology, gastroenterology, haematology, oncology, orthopaedics, respiratory, rheumatology and urology.

The phamax advantages

phamax understands the value of strong project management and has a flexible working relationship with our clients. Clients value the empathetic, flexible and innovative solutions provided by phamax, which allows them to manage their priorities wisely. The long-standing relationships with many of our clients is evidence they can depend on us to produce high-quality documents on time and within budget.

The phamax medical writing team:

  • Works independently yet collaboratively
  • Produces high-quality documents with exceptional clarity, accuracy and consistency
  • Proactively maintains accurate writing and delivery timelines
  • Anticipates the potential regulatory and publishing roadblocks

What We Do


Epidemiological assessment is crucial to identify the relations between needs and demands in the expansion of pharmaceutical and biological products. phamax epidemiology assessment services help understand the market potential and identify the target patient segments to make informed business decisions about products. phamax offers unique opportunities to develop an in-depth understanding of the disease landscape with scientifically-validated epidemiological analysis and forecast models.




phamax does in-depth epidemiological analysis of therapeutic areas with insights powered through primary and secondary research, real-world data and therapy-area expertise. Our highly skilled scientific team includes experienced pharmaco-epidemiologists, physicians and biostatisticians. Our multi-disciplinary team brings a broad range of scientific and operational experience while building forecasting models to accurately predict various epidemiological parameters such as incidence, prevalence, mortality, diagnosed population, treatment population, disease staging, risk-factors, related costs and medical management by age groups and sex. Our transparent and validated forecast models evaluating epidemiological transition and geographical extrapolation benefits global coverage.


phamax offers the following epidemiological assessment services:


  • Burden illness analysis
  • Disease prevalence and incidence analysis
  • Retrospective patient chart reviews
  • Longitudinal medical event database analysis
  • Medical chart abstraction
  • Pharma economic modelling
  • Survey research (patient and physician reviews)
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Targeted literature reviews
  • Clinical practices
  • Patient pathways
  • Patient segmentation
  • Assessment of unmet needs
  • Disease-specific databases



  • Understand the complete disease landscape and size of global markets with real world data
  • Benchmark forecasts with data on the total potential and addressable market
  • Identify the growth opportunities and understand how populations will change over time

Confidently estimate the drug-treated populations with additional insights from therapeutic experts and primary market research


What We Do

Companies manage risks and unlock value by engaging effectively with regulators, policy makers and other external stakeholders through the phamax regulatory consulting and strategy services. Companies need to efficiently manage their requirements as the regulatory landscape expands. phamax has widespread experience in performing in-depth assessment of commercial, clinical and market-specific regulatory factors to provide crucial insights on market dynamics and evolution. The insights on clinical and economic evidence are essential to address payer expectations to secure favourable reimbursement status.


phamax regulatory services offer the complete range of solutions for global, regional or local regulatory strategies. phamax regulatory assessment utilizes three dimensions, which can be customized as per client needs:

  • Research to answer key intelligence questions (KIQs)
  • Collaboration with local regulatory stakeholders to address information gaps
  • The phamax scientific network to refine the insights
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