Epidemiology Assessment

Epidemiological assessment identifies the relations between the needs and demands in the expansion of pharmaceutical and biological products. The phamax epidemiology assessment services help understand the market potential and identify the target patient segments. phamax develops an in-depth understanding of the disease landscape with scientifically-validated epidemiological analysis and forecast models.

phamax does an in-depth epidemiological analysis of therapeutic areas with primary and secondary research, real-world data and therapy-area expertise. Our scientific team includes experienced pharmaco-epidemiologists, physicians and biostatisticians. The team brings a broad range of scientific and operational experience while building forecasting models to accurately predict various epidemiological parameters such as incidence, prevalence, mortality, diagnosed population, treatment population, disease staging, risk-factors, related costs and medical management by age groups and sex. Our transparent and validated forecast models evaluating epidemiological transition and geographical extrapolation benefit global coverage.

The phamax epidemiological assessment services include:

  • Burden illness analysis
  • Disease prevalence and incidence analysis
  • Retrospective patient chart reviews
  • Longitudinal medical event database analysis
  • Medical chart abstraction
  • Pharma economic modeling
  • Survey research (patient and physician reviews)
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Targeted literature reviews
  • Clinical practices
  • Patient pathways
  • Patient segmentation
  • Assessment of unmet needs
  • Disease-specific databases
  • Understand the complete disease landscape and global market sizes with real-world data
  • Benchmark forecasts with the total potential and addressable market data
  • Identify the growth opportunities and understand how populations change over time
  • Estimate the drug-treated populations with additional insights from therapeutic experts and primary market research