Commercial Analytics: Entry and Expansion Strategies

Simplify your market entry strategy efforts 

Make the critical decision of ‘launch or license’ with our entry and expansion support. Our team supports all pharmaceutical commercialization activities - shaping your market entry or expansion strategies with relevant market insights or launching your products in new markets. The phamax comprehensive commercial model evaluation approach helps you formulate robust market entry strategies.
phamax is a team of top-tier and specialty care pharma entrepreneurs and company owners who have launched products in different markets and settings worldwide. The team understands the importance of maximizing your product value. Our experts understand the risks, pitfalls and upsides of launching pharmaceutical products.


Our highly experienced team understands your ambitions and aspirations, designs a best fit commercial model for your company, assets and situation, and implements it. The commercial suites include:

  • Commercial model evaluation:  Assess on the below parameter to develop commercial model for own launches (in-house vs outsourced functions), out-licenses, co-promotions, co-marketing or complete divestments :
    • Market size assessment: Quick insights on each market by analyzing the market size, and patient and growth potential
    • Product value assessment: Assess the target product as per the standard of care and competition to identify the opportunities and barriers in launching the product in the country
    • Regulatory and market access view: Identify the relevant pricing and reimbursement scenarios, regulatory prerequisites for approval and assistance to process, and the top-line launch sequence among the countries analyzed
    • Product potential assessment: A top-line overview of the product potential in each country and the impact of the price and reimbursement situations on the overall product potential
    • Launch complexity: SWOT analysis and a clear view of the target customer segments
  • Financial evaluation of the selected commercial models
  • Pros and cons of each commercial model
  • Organization structure and size of each commercial model

Roadmap to Europe in just 8 weeks

Commercializing a new drug in Europe involves complex processes, consumes time, and requires local know-how and resources. It is vital to evaluate different commercial models before identifying the right one. phamax provides a roadmap in just eight weeks, visualizing your way, guiding you to choose the best-fit model for successful commercialization.

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  • Focused and targeted strategies to optimize resources
  • Realistic view of markets and product potential
  • Solutions for local market access challenges
  • Flexibility to choose the best-fit commercial models
  • Execution speed with minimal risks

Skeptical about the ideal entry/ expansion strategy?

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