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Staying updated in today’s information era is a challenge. The imperative need is a customized data support function that frees the data clutter and helps to focus on priorities. phamax functions as your wingman in such instances and covers your information needs, aiding you to attend to the core functions.

phamax transforms disaggregated information on markets and competitors into actionable insights. Our team combines secondary and primary research to derive information as per project objectives and scope. They continuously track the key parameters, provide regular updates, develop key intelligence questions and build customized reports to meet specific requirements. Gain competitive advantage with a better understanding of the markets, competitors and customers to unlock opportunities and quantify risks.

phamax’s structured and comprehensive CI package supports pharma companies in effective strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Pharma organizations can:

  • Track competition - who they are, what they do, how they think, where they want to be, and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Anticipate environmental changes, emerging threats and opportunities in time to respond strategically
  • Uncover the latest trends driving the pharmaceutical industry
  • Profile various publicly available data sources for easy and fast access to different types of information
  • Develop reports with relevant information and update these regularly
  • Summarize financial facts
  • Identify relationships among various parameters and their impact on each other for vital insights
  • Sustained competitive advantage and growth
  • Strengths/Weaknesses of key competitor products to define the market or product strategies
  • Continuous insights on opportunities and threats
  • New technologies for business models

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