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Draw actionable insights with better data visualization

Pharmaceutical datasets are large and complex, with a critical need to convert data into relevant information. phamax helps you in simplifying all the complexities through their Business Intelligence solutions, that facilitates data-driven decisions.

Understand what makes or breaks your business

 To be on top of the business, the business leaders need to understand

1) What are the critical KPIs for their business

2) How is their business performance on those KPIs

So that they can put corrective measures.

Do you have enough of dashboards that are too complex, too slow, and which don’t show what you need to see? Then why not use phamax’s BI services to visualize your data in the format that works best for you? We don’t use off-the-shelf tools because all our clients have different needs and deserve custom-fit solutions that clear the data clutter for them.

The phamax range of business intelligence services:

  • Identify the KPIs for your business (Lead and Lag)
  • Collect, analyze and visualize the KPIs
  • Track the KPIs regularly for corrective actions

Our solution experts have extensive experience in designing, building and maintaining tailor-made dashboards. The highly flexible models adapt to your dynamic business needs and supply what you need, when you need it, the way you need it.

  • Simple and faster data updates
  • Use Real-time data
  • On-the-go access
  • Uniform view across users
  • Smart data visualizations
  • User-friendly navigation

Translate information into actionable insights

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