Pharma companies are relentlessly pursuing growth, constantly looking to target new customers, enhancing portfolios with new products and accessing new markets. These initiatives are tactical in nature and form the base for business planning and company strategies, which provide business direction, identify investment opportunities, develop new revenue streams and shape a company’s future. The phamax portfolio of solutions are based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. The phamax business planning models are simple and built for long term use to guide decisions and keep businesses on track. phamax has a proven capability of supporting its partners in business planning endeavours to drive future performance.


Foresee market evolutions and product opportunities with the phamax forecasting services. Plan your business better by predicting overall revenues, understanding physician preferences and comprehending relevant market trends with our robust forecast models.




Discover the unattended patient segments and access untapped markets by visualizing patient movements. Understand treatment perceptions and physician preferences via the phamax patient pathway models




Portfolio management has diverse challenges – capital allocation, resource optimization and prioritization. Our team identifies the most attractive products for strategic focus and less attractive products for divestment with its extensive experience and comprehensive framework, helping pharma companies to prioritize and optimize the resources for commercial success.


Key Account


phamax adopts a structured approach to its key account management services. Our team reviews the existing KAM structure and analyzes the account-level data for robustness/integrity to identify the gaps, provide appropriate solutions based on customer needs and develop KAM as a mind-set.




Pricing decisions span the entire product lifecycle and not just the launch stage. Changing market environments demand more sophisticated pricing approaches, involving multiple factors that impact both the market and key stakeholders. phamax supports pharmaceutical companies in effective pricing decisions using analytical modelling to decrypt the real-world complexities.



Transforming business through data analytics and more

Been there done that, understand the challenges our customers face within the healthcare industry. We provide pragmatic solutions with advance commercial and scientific data analytics. Our success stories showcase those solutions in action.

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