Businesses need a systematic way to convert data into valuable insights to drive operational improvements and become profitable. Organizations have to constantly maintain a competitive edge and the leadership must stay informed for crucial decisions. The phamax business insight service model helps organizations stay ahead of the competition. The phamax team combines secondary and primary research to derive information vital to specific business needs.


Our BI portfolio helps pharma business leaders to understand the critical KPIs (key performance indicators) for their business as well as the company’s performance on these KPIs to stay on top of the game


Therapy area assessment

phamax transforms disaggregated information on markets and competitors into actionable insights. Our structured and comprehensive CI package supports pharma companies in effective strategic, tactical and operational decisions



phamax offers a 360⁰ view of the competitor landscape with clinical, commercial and market access evaluations including market drivers, existing and future therapies, unmet needs, disease burdens and product potential.



Transforming business through data analytics and more

Been there done that, understand the challenges our customers face within the healthcare industry. We provide pragmatic solutions with advance commercial and scientific data analytics. Our success stories showcase those solutions in action.

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