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Ariya is a simple and intriguing way to bring innovation to your daily work. Ariya is a text and voice-enabled application, which uses natural language processing to understand your requests in the conversations and answers to your business queries. Chat or talk to Ariya and get easy access to the information you need across function and geography. It can be used from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Ariya saves time, increases productivity, and is simply cool!


Simplify information search  for your employees

Various studies confirm that about 30% of the time in a day is wasted at work as employees spend 1.8–2.5* hours every day searching and gathering information. On average, that’s about 9.3 hours wasted per week.

Your time is rather valuable; save time and effort, let the information come to you instead!

Ariya works with your company’s databases and makes information easily accessible. Just chat or talk to Ariya as you would ask your colleagues and get answers to your requests in seconds.

*Source: IDC report | McKinsey Global Institute

What can you ask Ariya?

Performance reporting
Instantly get information for any geography, franchise, product, sales people, etc.
Product information
Ask anything you want to know about a product.
Business excellence / planning
Whether sales force effectiveness, forecasting or marketing excellence – ariya™ gives the information you need
Competitor information
Know anything you need to know about your competitors.
Possibilities are many. Get Ariya trained to meet your objectives.

Who can use Ariya?

Your data is always encrypted and can only be accessed by authenticated users in the organization

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Stay ahead with Ariya

Chat or talk to Ariya

An EFFORTLESS, convenient smart digital assistant for on-demand answers. Handles variations in language/speaking styles.


GET IT DONE in split seconds.

Avoid multilevel dependence and efforts to get the information you need.

Get ANY TIME information.Extract instant information about your business from the available databases.

Ariya extracts information for your business queries any where – whether you are working, in mid of reviews, have your hands full or are simply ON THE GO.


Access from the web or on a mobile interface.


Access information by DEPARTMENT, FUNCTION or HIERARCHY.

Reinvent the way you get business information
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