Commercial Analytics : Ad- Boards Formation

Navigate on the right product development path.

Collective consensus, by engaging stakeholders in deliberative discussions, integrating ideas from structured dialogues, and with sustained stakeholder engagement processes, paves the way to better solutions.
The phamax ad-board services provide independent strategic advice to steer companies on the right track and define the best development path for products. phamax addresses multifaceted challenges by tailoring its associations as per each organization’s objectives, market and culture by merging best research practices with hands-on support from its experts.

The phamax ad-board services develop an advisory board, expert group or panel as per the needs of its massive stakeholder network to guide in the development phase, therapeutic area, regulatory review preparation etc. The services:

  • Engage stakeholders before and after meetings for more customer touchpoints
  • Envision an orchestrated, cross-country approach with expert group members from various countries
  • Perform end-to-end project management with preparations, meetings and stakeholder management
  • Facilitate both qualitative and focus group discussion meetings, and promote peer-to-peer stakeholder engagement
  • Represent the working team as an external voice
  • Handle both client and stakeholder communications
  • Guidance on clinical trial protocols
  • Guidance on unmet medical needs to drive future clinical strategies
  • Actionable deliverables to foster positive relationships with prominent scientific community members
  • Relevant and reliable educational and promotional content

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