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  • picture of a Clinical Wearable - Health Technology Innovation

    Health Technology Innovation: Clinical Wearables

    January 15th, 2018

    What are clinical wearables and how is this health technology impacting patient care? Health technology (sometimes known as medical technology or MedTech) is a booming field that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Clinical wearables are a huge part of this flourishing industry, and an area that is changing patients’ quality of life around the […]

  • Doctor delivering excellent patient care

    What Market Access Means for Patients

    June 6th, 2017

    What is market access, why is it so important, and how can pharmaceutical consulting help? These days, everybody in the pharmaceutical world is talking about market access, but it also remains one of the industry’s biggest challenges. It is also a concept that is widely misunderstood. Market access has attracted a great amount of attention […]